Manuscript Releases, vol. 6 [Nos. 347-418]


God's Attitude Toward Sin

 Never before had there been a being upon the earth who hated sin with so perfect a hatred as did Christ. He had seen its deceiving, infatuating power upon the holy angels, causing them to revolt, and all his powers were enlisted against Satan. In the purity and holiness of his life, Christ flashed the light of truth amid the moral darkness with which Satan had enshrouded the world. Christ exposed his falsehoods, and deceiving character, and spoiled corrupting influence.—Manuscript 143, 1897, 4. (“Christ's Commission to Earth,” undated.) 6MR 39.2

God created man for His glory. He will not, cannot endure the presence of sin in His dominion. If there are in the church those who are wilfully sinning against God, every possible means should be used to bring them to repentance. If this is not done, God's name is dishonored. He is too pure to look upon iniquity with favor. He can not endure the dishonesty and selfishness cherished in the hearts of those who practice robbery toward God by taking means from his treasury to pay themselves for their services, while many who are laboring far harder to advance the cause of God, do not receive half as much. God calls this selfishness and idolatry, and he will remove his Spirit from those who have thus allowed themselves to become spiritually blind. Their consciences are not sensitive. Like Judas, they allow themselves to be tempted by the enemy. 6MR 39.3

God will not tolerate the slightest deviation from right principles. He has given to the world the purest, most elevated code of morals. These principles his people must bring into practical life.—Manuscript 2, 1900, 2. (“The Need of a Reformation,” typed January 2, 1900.) 6MR 40.1