Manuscript Releases, vol. 6 [Nos. 347-418]


MR No. 399a—Unity and Witness

In the plan of redemption a place is allotted to every soul and each one is to take the place assigned him and do the work appointed him. The work of God's people may and will be varied, but one Spirit is the mover in it all. God calls upon the members of His church to receive the Holy Spirit, to come together in unity and brotherly sympathy, to bind their interests together in love. Christian unity is a mighty agency. 6MR 331.1

When God's chosen people are of one mind, barriers of selfishness will disappear as by magic, and many, many souls will be converted, because of the unity which exists among believers. There is one body and one Spirit. Those who have been building territorial lines of distinction, barriers of color and caste, might better take those down much faster than they put them up. Man is to obey the word of God declared in the seventeenth chapter of John. He is to be one with his fellow-man and with Christ, and in Christ one with God. Then of him can be spoken the words, “Ye are complete in him.”—Manuscript 83, 1899, 1. (“That They All May Be One,” May 17, 1899.) 6MR 331.2

Released December 2, 1974.