Manuscript Releases, vol. 6 [Nos. 347-418]


Boarded Ship for New Zealand

[Sydney, NSW] February 4, 1893—We rode in the cab to the church in Sydney, and I spoke from Hebrews 11 upon faith. The Lord strengthened me by His grace. I felt much strengthened and blessed. The Holy Spirit was upon me. Strength, both physical and spiritual, was given me in large measure.... 6MR 296.1

In the afternoon at two o'clock we stepped on board the steamer to take the journey we long dreaded. All our luggage had been stored away on Friday. We dislike very much to travel on the Sabbath but the work must be done in giving the message to the world and we can keep our minds and hearts uplifted to God and can hide in Jesus. When we cannot control these matters we must leave all with our heavenly Father. If our trust be in God He will help us.—Manuscript 76, 1893, 4. (Diary, February 2 to 20, 1893.) 6MR 296.2

Released December 2, 1974.