Manuscript Releases, vol. 6 [Nos. 347-418]


MR No. 384—Early Health Counsels

I saw that God was purifying unto Himself a peculiar people. He will have a clean and a holy people, a people in whom He can delight.... 6MR 221.1

I saw that God would not acknowledge an untidy, unclean person as a Christian. His frown was upon such. Our souls, bodies, and spirits are to be presented blameless by Jesus to His Father, and unless we are clean in person, and pure, we cannot be presented blameless to God. 6MR 221.2

I saw that the houses of the saints should be kept tidy and neat, free from dirt and filth and all uncleanness.... 6MR 221.3

I then saw that the appetite must be denied.... If we wish good health, we must take special care of the health that God has given us.—Manuscript 3, 1854, 8, 9. (“Testimony for Churches in New York State,” February 12, 1854.) 6MR 221.4

Released September 16, 1974.