Manuscript Releases, vol. 6 [Nos. 347-418]


MR No. 381—Items for Notes and Papers

Those who at the last General Conference listened to the testimonies borne, but did not humble themselves before God, and change square about, have done despite to the spirit of grace and have placed themselves in a fortress of unbelief. Great light has shone upon them, but they have opposed the message borne to them, and have thus placed themselves in opposition to the Lord Jesus Christ.—Manuscript 18, 1903. (“A Call to Repentance,” November 10, 1902.) 6MR 217.1

During the night the spirit of God has been presenting many things to my mind. The experience that was given us at the General Conference held in Battle Creek early in 1901, was of God. Had Dr. Kellogg at that time done thorough work, the terrible experience through which we are now passing would never have been.—Letter 242, 1903, p. 1. (“Decided Action to Be Taken Now,” October, 1903.) 6MR 217.2

I then saw a lack of cleanliness among Sabbath-keepers. I saw that God would have a clean and holy people, a people that He can delight in. I saw that the camp must be cleansed or the Lord would pass by and see the uncleanness of the children of Israel and would not go forth with their armies to battle, but would turn from them in displeasure and our enemies would triumph over us, and we left weak in shame and disgrace. I saw that God would not acknowledge an untidy and unclean person as a Christian. His frown was upon such. Our souls, bodies, and spirits are to be presented blameless by Jesus to His Father, and unless we are clean in person and pure in heart, we cannot be presented blameless to God. I saw that the houses of the saints should be kept tidy and neat from dirt and filth and all uncleanness. I saw that the house of God had been desecrated by the carelessness of parents, with their children, and by the untidiness and uncleanness there. I saw that these things should meet with an open rebuke, and if there was not a change immediately in some that profess the truth, in these things, they should be put out of the camp. 6MR 217.3

I then saw the corruption of these last days. Some of those who profess the present truth are corrupt, and the same sins exist now that existed before the destruction of the old world. The world is almost ripe for destruction.... 6MR 218.1

I then saw the appetite must be denied, that rich food should not be prepared, and that which is lavished upon the appetite should be put in the treasury of the Lord. It would tell there, and those who denied themselves would lay up a reward in heaven. Pride and idols must be laid aside. I saw rich food destroyed the health of the bodies and was ruining the constitution, was destroying the mind, and was a great waste of means. 6MR 218.2

I saw some who were sickly among the saints, made themselves so by indulging the appetite. If we wish good health we must take special care of the health God has given us, deny the unhealthy appetite, eat more coarse food with little grease. Then you can consistently ask God's blessing upon such food as is congenial with your natures. We must pray as did Solomon for food convenient for us, and act accordingly, and God will bless us. Some Sabbath-keepers make a god of their bellies, waste their means in getting rich food. Such I saw, if saved at all, would know what pinching is unless they deny their appetites and eat to the glory of God. There are but few who eat to the glory of God.—Manuscript 1, 1854, 5-7. (“Reproof for Adultery and Neglect of Children,” February 12, 1854.) 6MR 218.3

Released September 16, 1974.