Lt 166a, 1899

Lt 166a, 1899

Irwin, G. A.


October 24, 1899

Portions of this letter are published in 11MR 52.

Brother Irwin:

I have written this [Lt 166, 1899] as fast as my pen could go over the paper. I will add a few words. I did not expect any of it could be copied, but if you can study this out that I have hurriedly written—I believe that you can—you will help matters in this trying time. God help you to set things in order, if possible. The light was given me eighteen years ago that there would be great losses because there was so little close, thorough instruction given to students in bookkeeping, keeping accounts. The Lord would have nothing go at haphazard, and the results show, as today, mountains of debt, and no way to get out of them. If the advice had been followed—that the Lord has given—to have bookkeeping taught and practiced, there would be at this time men of wisdom that could stand in the position to go from place to place, review all account books, and then instruct in the school, interest the scholars, and make this a portion of the students’ lessons. 14LtMs, Lt 166a, 1899, par. 1

I hope that you will not become confused, but there is certainly a way out of all our difficulties. We may get out of the woods. I do not know as W. C. White will get off the very things essential in this mail. I am trying to plan, and I feel free, although I have had no special light that I should do this—with the exception of a mind and will to do it—to give royalty on the book now coming out on the parables, to be used in all countries, to be translated into other languages, and help them in foreign countries, to help them in the school. 14LtMs, Lt 166a, 1899, par. 2