Manuscript Releases, vol. 17 [Nos. 1236-1300]


MR No. 1283—SDA's Not to Erect Mammoth Institutions; If Economy is Practiced, Needs of World Can be Met; Leaders to Have Upright Characters

[Matthew 6:19-23; Luke 12:32-36, quoted.]

Now, just now, a great work is to be done without delay. The Lord calls upon His stewards for that which is His own. God's people are not to tie up their money by placing it in banks. They should put it in circulation by investing it in the work in missionary fields. Let those of our people who have money in banks withdraw it and invest it in the great work of God while they have opportunity. 17MR 286.1

No one is to make an urgent appeal for means with which to erect large and expensive buildings for sanitariums, colleges, or publishing houses, so absorbing means that the work in other places is crippled. Let our brethren be careful lest by drawing largely from our people for the erection of buildings in one place they rob other parts of the Lord's vineyard. Unduly to exalt the work in one part of the field is selfishness and covetousness. The Lord specially condemns such a manifestation, for by it His sacred work is misrepresented before the world. He would have His work controlled and guided by equity, justice, and judgment. He does not call for the erection of immense institutions. One corner of the vineyard is not the whole world. In many places throughout the world memorials for God are to be established to represent His truth. 17MR 286.2

Every dollar that we have belongs to God. “The silver is Mine, and the gold is Mine, saith the Lord of hosts.” Yet some do not recognize His ownership. Though the work in the part of the field where they are laboring already possesses an abundance of facilities, they continue to draw from the Lord's treasury. They do not think of the needy portions of the field, which require such facilities as they already have. Would they work as zealously to provide for some other place the facilities they think are required in their field? 17MR 286.3

Every worker must labor with an eye single to the glory of God. If the work in all parts of the field bore the signature of heaven, there would be means enough to carry it forward. Those who have the money in God's treasury are to economize in the use of means, and they are to consider carefully the needs of the work in the home field and in the regions beyond. If they did this they would not erect mammoth institutions, contrary to the instruction of God. The Lord has plainly told us that instead of erecting a mammoth institution in any one place, we should establish plants in many places. 17MR 287.1

The question is sometimes asked, “Why build schoolhouses, sanitariums, food stores, or churches, when time is so short?” The Lord's money is to be invested wisely. In many places where the work has been shamefully neglected plants must be established that will be producers as well as consumers. Memorials for God should be established in every place as an aid in the proclamation of the last message of mercy. Missionary work should be done in every city. 17MR 287.2