Manuscript Releases, vol. 7 [Nos. 419-525]


The Second Tithe

The Lord desires the churches in every place to take hold more diligently of the church school work, giving liberally to sustain the teachers. The question has been asked, “Could not the second tithe be used for the support of the church school work?’ It could be used for no better purpose.—Manuscript 67, 1901, 5. (“The Church School,” July 29, 1901.) 7MR 138.2

I do not see the wisdom of the school depending on the second tithe to meet so much of its expenses. I fear that if the brethren rely so much upon this, difficulties will arise. You should labor patiently to develop those industries by which students may partly work their way through school. Let each family try to pay the expenses of the students that it sends to school.—Letter 167, 1904, p. 1. (To Brethren Santee and Owen, April 27, 1904.) 7MR 138.3

In regard to the school work, I have been instructed that the plan of charging students nothing for tuition, depending on the second tithe to support the school, will always leave the school in the condition of financial embarrassment. When I first heard of this movement I thought I would let it be worked out, but I tell you now that the light given me is that other plans will have to be made than the plan of supporting schools from the second tithe. Students should be charged a reasonable price for their tuition. There will be an abundance of places to use the second tithe in doing earnest missionary work in new places.—Letter 103, 1905, p. 5. (To E. S. Ballenger, April 7, 1905.) 7MR 139.1

We are now wrestling with the debt on the Fernando college. If our people will take hold earnestly of the sale of Christ's Object Lessons a great deal may be accomplished. The plans for supporting this school in the past were not wisely laid. I hope that no one will endeavor to go over the same ground again and make similar mistakes.—Letter 279, 1905, p. 1. (To Clarence Santee, October 4, 1905.) 7MR 139.2

Released November 10, 1975.