Manuscript Releases, vol. 7 [Nos. 419-525]


MR No. 442—Pacific Press Commercial Work

While at St. Helena, again and again it has been revealed to me that there was not a correct state of things at Mountain View; that there were present the very conditions that made it essential for the publishing work to be removed from Oakland. I saw that in the working out of human ideas and plans there was a disregarding of the light God had given in the past to correct existing evils. There is danger that the experience of the past will be repeated. The men who are serving in the management of the work can just as surely swerve the work into lines of commercialism as in the past. 7MR 115.1

My Instructor said, This in no case must be. They have had warnings in the past over and over again, for eighteen or twenty years, but have not fully heeded these warnings. There are those who have had no heart in the matter of moving out of Oakland, but have been opposing their resistance to the instructions that have been given; and their unbelief has strengthened with the spirit of opposition to the movement. The Lord's message was, “Out of the cities; break up the continual temptation to engage in commercial business, which has been such a great injury to the work.” A failure to heed the messages given, and repeated for years, has been a decided injury to the souls of many.—Manuscript 57, 1906, 1, 2. (“The Work at Mountain View,” Talk, May 3, 1906.) 7MR 115.2

Released June 18, 1975.