Manuscript Releases, vol. 7 [Nos. 419-525]


MR No. 431—Polygamy

Solomon mingled error with truth, and betrayed sacred trusts. The insidious evils of paganism corrupted his religion. One wrong step taken, led to step after step of political alliance. The polygamy so common in that time was directly opposed to the law of Jehovah. But this evil was introduced into Palestine, and the Israel of God mingled in marriage with Phoenicia, Egypt, Edom, Moab, and Ammon, nations which bowed at idolatrous shrines, practicing licentious and cruel rites, greatly dishonoring to God. These Solomon countenanced and sustained.... 7MR 74.1

In the days of Christ the ruins of the groves erected by Solomon for his wives might still be seen. This place was named the Mount of Offense by all the true-hearted in Israel. Solomon little thought that those idol shrines would outlive his reign, even till Shiloh came, and looked upon the melancholy sight. 7MR 74.2

This case is left on record for all the religious world. Let those who know the word of the living God beware of cherishing the errors of the world. These Satan presents in an attractive style; for he would deceive us, and destroy the simplicity of our faith. If these errors are introduced, they will mar the precious landmarks of truth.—Manuscript 47, 1898, 12-14. (“The Echo Office and Commercial Work,” March 31, 1898.) 7MR 74.3

Released May 23, 1975.