Manuscript Releases, vol. 7 [Nos. 419-525]


MR No. 491—Published as Testimonies to Southern Africa

MR No. 492—Work of SDA Pioneers in Scandinavia

My brother, I have been shown that Elders _____, _____, and yourself have displayed a great lack of wise generalship. You yourself have not developed talent and trained helpers to take hold with you and assist in the work, as you might have done. You have the idea that no one can labor so well as you can. While you have too much to do, others have too little. You do not give others an opportunity to improve in efficiency by practical experience. 7MR 314.1

You are willing to be helped and assisted, if your helpers will leave the main responsibility resting on you. Especially among your own countrymen you desire to be placed above every one else. 7MR 314.2

You do not seem to have the ability to educate young men and to give them a chance to do that which they have talents for doing, if they were given an opportunity to learn. This is the work which should have been done, but which you have left undone. If you were unselfish, if you had Christlike meekness and lowliness, you would learn how to train the youth for useful service.... 7MR 314.3

In all the departments of the Lord's work every laborer is to help his fellow-laborers. The workers are to take no credit to themselves because they have many advantages, nor are they to think that they deserve praise for using in the service of Jesus Christ the talents that He has entrusted to them. They should realize that the non-employment of their capabilities would lay them under a burden of guilt, making them deserving of the just displeasure and severest judgments of God. 7MR 314.4

Every true minister of Jesus Christ, every true worker in His cause, will banish from the mind, as impious, every thought of inherent merit. Even the heavenly angels take to themselves no praise. Through the heavenly courts, in one grand chorus, resounds their praise of the Creator: “All things come of Thee, and of Thine own have we given Thee.” [1 Chronicles 21:14.] Those who live on this earth should join the heavenly host in ascribing praise and glory to the Creator.—Letter 10, 1884, pp. 1, 2, 7, 8. (To Brother Matteson, May 3, 1884.) 7MR 315.1

Elder Matteson, who now sleeps in Jesus, united with the Saviour as His helping hand, and organized a school of young men and women. And under his direction the students worked nobly. What a work has been done! What a multitude of books were sold. And how many there were who united with the church. 7MR 315.2

Cease now to talk discouragement. Take hold of the arm of infinite Power. Remember that we at this end of the line are taking hold with you. We assure you that we will lift with you. Do not fail or be discouraged. The Lord is your helper. He will uphold the workers in Scandinavia if they will act their part in faith, in prayer, in hopefulness, doing all they can to advance His cause and hasten His coming. 7MR 315.3

Remember that the nearer we approach Christ's coming, the more earnestly and firmly we are to work; for the whole synagogue of Satan is opposed to us. We do not need feverish excitement, but that faith and courage which is borne of genuine faith. 7MR 315.4

The opportunity for helping the work in Scandinavia at the last week of prayer in America should have been improved, and it would have been, had the men in positions of responsibility been wide awake to place the situation clearly before the people and call for donations to relieve the institutions in Denmark and Norway. 7MR 316.1

We hope that a most earnest effort will be made by our people in England to inspire their brethren in Scandinavia with courage and faith. Brethren, we must come up to the help of the Lord, to the help of the Lord against the mighty. Do not, by word of unbelief call down the denunciation of God. Do not act like the priest and the Levite, who looked at the wounded man lying in his grievous condition, and passed by on the other side. Wake up, brethren. Let the work move forward with power. May the Lord help His people to do their best.—Manuscript 26, 1901, 4, 5. (“The Canvassing Work and the Scandinavian Institutions,” March 5, 1901.) 7MR 316.2

Released April 28, 1976.