Manuscript Releases, vol. 7 [Nos. 419-525]


MR No. 501—Canvassing Work

While the men of the world are idolizing money, and making it their trust, the Lord in His providence has brought forth from His treasure house a precious treasure, and has placed it within the reach of all. He has given His people an opportunity to take to their friends and neighbors, and to strangers a book containing the precious lessons of Christ. As those who have never tried to sell books have thought of going out with this book, a dread has come into their hearts. But the Lord has led and guided them as His little children. He has taught young and old, men and women, how to give the light of truth to those who know it not. 7MR 336.1

And the purchasers have been blessed. Their hearts have softened as they have listened to the story of the self-denying effort to free our schools from debt. By the sale of this book [Christ's Object Lessons] many sermons have been preached. Those in the highways as well as those in the hedges have been reached. As men and women and youth have gone forth to sell “Object Lessons,” and in simple words have told what they were trying to do, a deep impression has been made on minds. Hearts have been touched. Sinners have been convicted and converted.—Manuscript 43, 1903, 1, 2. (“The Result of Self-Denying Effort,” March 6, 1903.) 7MR 336.2

Released June 29, 1976.