Manuscript Releases, vol. 7 [Nos. 419-525]


MR No. 419—Early Childhood Education

Children Eight Months Old Can Understand the Meaning of a Correction:

The next thing shown me was the sins of parents in neglecting their children. I saw they would have an awful account to give. They have fostered and cherished the evil tempers of their children until God's frown was upon them and their children. They have forgotten that which was written in the Holy Word, “he that spareth the rod hateth his son,” and the children are left to come up instead of being brought up or trained up. The poor little children are thought not to know or understand the meaning of a correction at the age of eight, nine or ten months, and they begin to show stubbornness very young, and it is cherished and nourished by its parents till their evil passions grow with their growth and strengthen with their strength.—Manuscript 1, 1854, 4. (“Reproof for Adultery and Neglect of Children,” February 12, 1854.) 7MR 1.1