Manuscript Releases, vol. 1 [Nos. 19-96]


To Share the Lord's Money with Needy Fields

In some of the larger conferences the tithe may be more than sufficient to sustain the laborers now in the field. But this does not sanction its use for any other purpose. If the conferences were doing the work that God desires them to do, there would be many more laborers in the field, and the demand for funds would be greatly increased. The conferences should feel a burden for the regions beyond their own borders. There are missions to be sustained in fields where there are no churches and no tithes, and also where the believers are new and the tithe limited. If you have means that is not needed after settling with your ministers in a liberal manner, send the Lord's money to these destitute places. Special light on this point has been given. I was listening to the voice of a heavenly Messenger, and the directions given were that the churches that had buildings and facilities should in this way assist the missions in foreign countries.—Manuscript 139, 1898, 26. (An Appeal for Missions, October 21, 1898.) 1MR 183.3