Ms 162, 1898


Ms 162, 1898

“Be Ye Kind One to Another.”


December 10, 1898

Previously unpublished.

In this age of the world God’s people need to learn that He does not require them to be suspicious, faultfinding, criticizing. Many feel that the line of work they are doing belongs solely to them, and that no one should suggest anything concerning it, at the risk of being looked upon as an interferer. This was the condition of things that existed when we first went to Melbourne. Satan is pleased when this is so. Ms162-1898.1

But there must be a different order of things. There must be less secretiveness, less anxiety to keep every thread of the web hidden, for fear that others may gain a knowledge known by the workers. When this state of things exists, there will be constant suspicion and restraint. Evil thinking and evil-surmising will be indulged, and brotherly love will die out of the soul. Ms162-1898.2

Every line of God’s work has a connection with every other line. Originally cannot maintain an existence in the institutions where God presides, for He is the Lord of all tact, all ingenuity. The foundation of all correct methods, God Himself is original, and He imparts a knowledge of ways and methods to human minds. But man is not to look upon this knowledge as exclusively his own. It is the Lord’s design that one thread shall follow another. Ms162-1898.3

By His representative, Christ is present in every place. Those who enter our institutions as learners are to master one lesson after another, as fast as their intellect will enable them. The Lord presides, and the human agent is to seek Him for wisdom, putting all his powers and capabilities to the very best use. Ms162-1898.4

Those in responsible positions should help the one who is trying to learn. If he is a Bible student, his education should not be confined to one teacher, however apt and thorough that teacher may be. The learner must be brought into contact with different minds, who will present the truth of God’s Word from different standpoints. Ms162-1898.5

The youth in your publishing houses need to be instructed by men of different training, different habits. Their minds must be molded by men whom the Lord is teaching. Thus it should be in all education. Ms162-1898.6

The Lord does not impress all minds in the same line. One mind may be impressed with some phases of the truth that others, although worked by the Holy Spirit, do not see in the same light. Under special circumstances some minds see special light upon points of truth, which others do not grasp, because they are not so situated that they can take in the subject. In His providence, by pleasant or adverse circumstances, God seeks to arouse minds to learn the lessons He wishes to teach them. The most learned teacher may teach what may be called good things, and yet he may fall far short of teaching all that ought to be taught. But God knows just what each mind needs in educational lines. Ms162-1898.7