Manuscript Releases, vol. 19 [Nos. 1360-1419]


MR No. 1400—Dated and Undated Diary Selections on a Wide Variety of Topics, Apparently Written in 1890 and 1891

Circulation of “Great Controversy,” Vol. IV

Battle Creek, Michigan,

January 1, 1891.

I have many perplexing thoughts, and bear a heavy burden. Why do not our men of responsibility in the Review and Herald Office feel the burden of circulating Volume IV of the Spirit of Prophecy more thoroughly among our own people and among the people of the world? In the preparation of this book, competent workers were employed and much money was invested in order that the volume might come before the world in the best style possible. 19MR 239.1

How could the men who have been managing the sale of our books neglect for two years to do anything to push the sale of Volume IV? The Lord impressed me to write this book in order that without delay it might be circulated in every part of the world, because the warnings it contains are necessary for preparing a people to stand in the day of the Lord. But men of trust have allowed this book to fall “dead” from the press. Nothing that I have said or written to them, nothing that I have spoken in public, has changed the order of things. 19MR 239.2

My soul is still burdened with the importance of circulating this book. A grievous wrong has been done. Although nothing special has been openly spoken against Volume IV of the Spirit of Prophecy, this book has to a great degree been displaced by another book, which has kept from the world the light God has given. Volume IV was dropped, and the book entitled Bible Readings was recommended by those in charge of the circulation of our literature. Bible Readings has been constantly kept before the minds of our people, by illustrations and notices in our papers and by commendations in public gatherings. Every incident that could be used in favor of Bible Readings has been presented to our people. 19MR 239.3