Manuscript Releases, vol. 9 [Nos. 664-770]


MR No. 689—“Is Your Headache Better, Grandma?”

I found the children [granddaughters Ella May and Mabel] doing well. I never saw better children in my experience. There has been no false or glossed-over reports in regard to them. I was with them one week and I ought to be able to report something about them. Ella and Mabel agree together perfectly and act like two little women, and yet, all the pleasantness of childhood combined. 9MR 44.1

I was lying upon the lounge, my head aching badly. Ella May said, “Shall I rub your head, Grandma? I used to rub Mama's head, and she said it made her feel better and I will rub your head.” She wet her hands in cold water and put them on my hot aching head, and it was a relief, but it amused me to have her ask like an old practitioner, “Will you like the bare stroking or the vibrating motion or trembling motion?” I said, “My, where did you learn these movements?” She said that is the way she was treated once when she was sick. 9MR 44.2

Then Mabel saw what Ella May was about and she wanted a hand in it. So, she must run to the pump and wet her little hands, and not being so well-versed as Ella, just where the application was essential, she stroked her little hands over my nose and eyes and cheeks, and then with due solemnity would look up in my face—“Is your headache better, Grandma?” I could truly answer, “Yes, it is, my darling,” for the influence of the water cooled my head and the stroking of the little hands had a soothing influence. 9MR 44.3

I found my affections so strongly entwined with these little ministers of kindness and mercy, that I was loathe to separate from them. If these little ones are not Christ's lambs, I do not know where we will find the lambs of Christ's fold. Oh, what may not be done with the little ones by instructing them early. The lessons you have so patiently given little Ella will be as lasting as eternity and will be reflected upon Mabel. Yes, all the good fruit we see now is from the planting of the seed upon the prepared soil of the heart. Praise the Lord for His goodness. Praise His holy name. Mary, the Lord is good.—Letter 74, 1889, pp. 1, 2. (To Mary K. White, October 3, 1889.) 9MR 45.1

White Estate

Washington, D. C.,

January 26, 1979.