Manuscript Releases, vol. 9 [Nos. 664-770]


MR No. 687—Carl Ottosen a Man of Great Promise

Brother [Carl J.] Ottosen from Copenhagen, Denmark, is with you [in Battle Creek]. He is a retiring man, but one of great promise. He is highly appreciated in his own country and beloved by all as a Christian gentleman. His family are all unbelievers, opposed to the truth, but they are wealthy. I hope he will receive special attention, for he deserves it. I hope you will not neglect him or treat him as a stranger, although he is a stranger in a strange land. I honored and respected him in Denmark. He may not show what he is in this strange place. He may be diffident in speaking the language. But I entreat of you to do just what that institution was brought into existence to do. Take these strangers and put them under the most favorable circumstances, giving them every advantage possible, encouraging them, helping them, educating them for God's work.—Letter 56, 1889, pp. 3, 4. (To W. H. Hall, October 25, 1889.) 9MR 41.1

White Estate

Washington, D. C.,

January 24, 1979.