Manuscript Releases, vol. 9 [Nos. 664-770]


Line for Line Transcript of Page 3 From Luther Manuscript

.... interest and that of the reformation. The elector saw what the future foreshadowed. A still darker tempest was gathering over the reformation and that nothing would satisfy Worms but the blood of Luther. He saw that his fate was sealed and a most decided and yet secret effort must be made to rescue him from the jaws of the lion. As soon as Luther left Worms an edict was procured against him to which was affixed the emperor's signature and the seal of the empire See (“Words that shook the world” 240 pages) The emperor himself had spoken and the Diet had ratified the decree. The whole body of Romanist who had no desire for light who loved darkness and the practice of iniquity rather than God's word which enjoyed purity and holiness of character, rejoiced greatly at this excommunication. The tragedy they thought was over. The reformation stood in great peril and the superstitious heard the name of Luther spoken with horror associating him with Satan incarnate whom the emperor had pointed out as Luther clothed with a monk's habit. Now was the time for the elector to act. 9MR 246.1

[Pages 247 and 248 are reproductions of handwritten originals.]