Manuscript Releases, vol. 9 [Nos. 664-770]


MR No. 734—Manuscripts for Conflict Books

Letter To James White in Which Writing on the Life of Christ is Mentioned


Oakland, California,

April 21, 1876.

Dear Husband,

Mary has just been reading to me two articles, one on the loaves and fishes, Christ walking on the water and stating to His hearers He was the bread of life, which caused some of His disciples to turn from Him. This takes fifty pages and comprises many subjects. I do think it the most precious matter I have ever written. Mary is just enthusiastic over it. She thinks it is of the highest value. I am perfectly satisfied with it. The other article was upon Christ going through the corn field plucking the ears of corn and healing the withered hand—12 pages. If I can with Mary's help get out these subjects of such intense interest, I ... 9MR 242.1

[Page 243 is a reproduction of the handwritten original for the above paragraph.]