Lt 67, 1891

Lt 67, 1891

McEnterfer, Sara

Grand Rapids, Michigan

May 4, 1891

Previously unpublished.

Dear Sister Sara:

I leave here in company with Brother and Sister Starr this morning. You have all kept wonderfully reticent in regard to your plans. I have not failed to write to you faithfully, but think I will never do it again. You leave me in the dark in regard to your movements. W. C. White wrote he could not leave before the sixth of May and he may change his time to the next week. I cannot tell anything and not the slightest response is made to my letters, and I am going this morning. Trunk has gone and we follow in one hour. 7LtMs, Lt 67, 1891, par. 1

Now, you can come when you please. Elder Fargo is waiting in Petoskey for us. He has been there since last Tuesday. What you are doing I am as ignorant of as though I was in the Old World. I can make no excuse for you, for you do not deserve any excuse. 7LtMs, Lt 67, 1891, par. 2