Manuscript Releases, vol. 4 [Nos. 210-259]


MR No. 216—Distributing the Light

Let all be fully prepared to disseminate the light by word and by pamphlet. There should be hundreds of little tracts scattered as the leaves of autumn. Many “Echoes” have been sold. This is well so far as it goes, but light on many more subjects is to come before the people. There is a great need of leaflets and tracts, some containing short articles, others presenting the messages of warning, the second advent of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Sabbath, treated in brief, and its relation to the truth of the doctrines substantiated by the Scriptures should be circulated.... 4MR 107.1

Light! Light! Let it shine forth everywhere. It is to be diffused in jots and tittles, here a little and there a little.... 4MR 107.2

The night of trial is nearly spent. Satan is bringing in his masterly power because he knoweth that his time is short. The chastisement of God is upon the world to call all who know the truth to hide in the cleft of the Rock and view the glory of God. The truth must not be muffled now. Plain statements must be made. Unvarnished truth must be spoken in leaflets and pamphlets, and these must be scattered like the leaves of autumn.—Letter 31, 1897, pp. 2, 7. (To Brother Colcord, February 28, 1897.) 4MR 107.3

Our tracts are to be distributed everywhere. The truth is to be sown beside all waters; for we know not which will prosper, this, or that. In our erring judgment we may think it unwise to give literature to the very ones who would accept the truth the most readily. We know not what may be the results of giving away a leaflet containing present truth.—Manuscript 108, 1902, p. 3. (“The Object of Establishing Hygienic Restaurants,” typed August 7, 1902.) 4MR 107.4

I have been shown that where the distribution of tracts has been neglected, much has been lost. Wiser generalship than has yet been displayed should be seen in the work of the Lord.—Letter 1, 1875, p. 9. (To “Dear Brother _____,” October 12, 1875.) 4MR 108.1

Released August 26, 1968.