Manuscript Releases, vol. 4 [Nos. 210-259]


MR No. 254—Items on Joseph Bates

I told them that the mother of the orphan children of Brother Belden worked with her hands at housework to earn money to give Brother Bates to carry the message to Waitsfield, Vermont.—Manuscript 7, 1873, 6. (Diary at Battle Creek, May 1-31, 1873.) 4MR 436.1

I saw that James should not be discouraged if all did not feel the interest in the paper that he did. I saw that Brother Bates had not the interest in the paper that he should have, and that his lack of interest had discouraged James.—Manuscript 12, 1850, 1. (Untitled, circa. January, 1850.) 4MR 436.2

I saw Brother Bates, that he must buckle on the armor.—Manuscript 11, 1850, 3. (Visit at Paris, Maine, December 25, 1850.) 4MR 436.3

I saw it was for no wrong of yours that she [Mrs. Hastings] was taken away, but if Brother Bates had come directly to your house, she would have been rescued from the grasp of the enemy.—Letter 10, 1850, p. 2. (To Leonard Hastings, March 18, 1850.) 4MR 436.4

I saw that the above named errors of Brother Bates [his position on helping the poor; praying for the sick before unbelievers] and others more dangerous brought confusion and had destroyed James's confidence in Brother Bates; I saw that James at first had godly jealousy for the truth, then other jealousy crept in until he was jealous of most every move Brother Bates would make. These wrongs I saw must be taken out of the way.—Manuscript 14, 1850, 2. (General manuscript from Hiram Edson's manuscript, September, 1850.) 4MR 436.5

Brother Bates is with us. He is coming to see you West. His duty is there for present. I never saw him as free as now. God is with him.—Letter 2, 1852, p. 2. (To “Brethren and Sisters in Jackson,” June 2, 1852.) 4MR 437.1

Those who have earthly possessions will have a work to do, a sacrifice to make.... When the truth is presented in its clearness and is brought to bear upon the heart, some, while under the warming, quickening influence of the Spirit of God, get the sacrifice almost on the altar. But they do not consecrate all fully to God, and as the saving influence of the truth wears away they lose the spirit of sacrifice, the strong foe again obtains control of the mind, the love of the world revives, and again they hug it to their bosoms and serve their treasure instead of God. The battle is between truth and the love of the world.—Manuscript 4, 1860, 1. (Testimony to Monterey, Michigan, church, undated.) 4MR 437.2

Went to the stores with Brother Bates and Augusta Bognes. They purchased a coat for Brother Bates.—Manuscript 5, 1859, 12. (Diary, January 1 to March 31, 1859, written February 4.) 4MR 437.3

Released January 26, 1971.