Manuscript Releases, vol. 4 [Nos. 210-259]

Before the World Clear and Distinct

I am more than surprised when you have had the warnings so long ago that you have not appropriated them and thus avoided coming into difficult situations. The Lord has sent you warnings, but you have not heeded them.... 4MR 429.2

Of the work you have taken up in Chicago the Lord inquires, “John, who hath required this at your hands?” You have establishments in America of your own ambitious creating. As you belong to the Seventh-day Adventist people, God has given you another work to do. You have not been called to do this work. Money and talent should not be diverted from the principal work for this time, which is to prepare a people who shall be brought into working order in connection with the gospel ministry. The truth of the third angel's message ... is to be proclaimed to warn the world of the conflict in which every individual will have a part. 4MR 429.3

The Lord is not pleased with your repressing the truth to carry another banner, and to work the works that do not bear the insignia of the work for this time. There is a people to be warned, and the very means you have used to encourage and feed and sustain a class of people who could not honor the truth or honor the commandments of God, has been depriving the cause of God of the means which the Lord has designed should help His work to advance in clear, straight, distinct lines. The means that were to prosper His own work for His chosen people you have thrown away in place of putting it “into the work of God to carry” the present truth amid the opposition and persecution of its enemies. 4MR 429.4

The deceptive power of the enemy has led you to leave God's banner trailing in the dust while Dr. Kellogg has committed himself as working “undenominationally” in a work which has taken the money from a people who are decidedly a denominational people. God's signature they bear as the loyal commandment-keeping subjects of His kingdom, a peculiar people, zealous of good works. No man's name is to be exalted as creator.... 4MR 430.1

In the working of the cause of God for this time the benevolent work should give special help to those who, through the presentation of truth at our camp meetings, are convicted and converted. They become the loyal subjects of the kingdom of God and unite with those who keep the commandments of God and have the faith of Jesus. They are to be laborers together with God as is represented in Isaiah fifty-eight. That chapter does not sustain you in the kind of work you are doing and in expending God's revenue on that class of people found in the slums. There we obtain the least results for labor put forth in true conversions and additions to strengthen the forces of workers together with God. 4MR 430.2

We must engage in the work of caring especially for those who have the moral courage to accept the truth, lose their situations in consequence, and are refused work to earn means to support their families. There must be a fund to aid the worthy poor families who love God and keep His commandments. 4MR 431.1

They are not to be left without help and forced to work on the Sabbath or because the means that God designed for His loyal people are diverted into channels that help the most unworthy and disobedient and the transgressors of His law. These are favored while the people who are beloved of God receive no favors from the popular churches. They have trampled on God's law themselves, made a breach in it, torn down His memorial, and what is left for the poor saints who are placed in most discouraging circumstances for conscientiously obeying the truth? God has not vindicated your course for years, and I do not want you to continue in it till the bitter end. Shall the poor among God's people be left without any provision being made for them? Shall it be made as hard as possible for them to obtain means to live? ... 4MR 431.2

I am instructed to say to you that it is not the Lord's Spirit that has inspired you to take up the work which other churches will do, but who will not help the people loyal to God a jot or tittle. Who will need help as the commandment-keeping people of God will need it in the conscientious discharge of their duties in becoming loyal and true to God's commandments? Those who have thought and devised this work had their God-appointed work, but He never gave them the work of absorbing the funds that come in their hands that there should be no meat in the house-of-God's treasury to satisfy the hungry souls, hungry for temporal bread, and hungry for the bread of life. 4MR 431.3

Satan has been pleased to have means absorbed in the work that has been done, because it would hinder aggressive warfare in behalf of the truth in new territory, and leave him, with his power undisturbed. This money invested was not yours to invest. You were not placed as a steward of funds to use after your judgment. The fields calling for help cannot have it, for there is an empty treasury, and it will continue empty until those who ought to consider shall come to their senses. 4MR 432.1

The work has been hindered, the cause of God should have a different showing, far different, and who is to blame for this hindrance? You give heed to men not of our faith. You delight to show what you have done, and by a free use of money that was not yours to handle, in a way that God has not appointed, fields have been left barren of the very facilities that could have been furnished them. Where are your counselors? They have not been true to advise you. God never set you to engage in gathering means, and in doing the work that the Salvation Army are doing. Let them work in that line, and you attend to your appointed work, and not spend God's means in channels that are not doing the work of God for this time.... 4MR 432.2

Your voice is working against the success and triumph of the truth in these last days. Our God has a message for His people represented by an angel flying through heaven proclaiming the last message to a fallen world. What is the angel proclaiming? The commandments of God and the faith of Jesus. This represents that God's messengers are to hold this banner high, and with no feeble voice proclaim to a perishing world the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus.... 4MR 432.3

You are leading away from the very work to be done. You are presenting obstructions by diverting workers and means in a direction that God has never appointed.... 4MR 433.1

God has plainly revealed to me that our faith as Seventh-day Adventists is to stand before the world clear and distinct in all our institutions. The truth is losing its peculiar, holy character in the sanitarium in America. It is changing.—Letter 45, 1900, pp. 1-8. (To Dr. J. H. Kellogg, March 12, 1900.) 4MR 433.2

Released August 25, 1970.