Manuscript Releases, vol. 4 [Nos. 210-259]


MR No. 249—Experience of James White

There were several hands employed beside himself [James White] who were irreligious, rough men. They agreed among themselves to make it hard for the minister, for as he was unaccustomed to such stern hard work, they would run him down and drive him from the field. He knew at that time nothing of this, but before he went into the field, we sought the Lord most earnestly that He would strengthen and protect him.... 4MR 408.1

As he entered the field, they put the minister to lead in mowing the swath. He took a wide swath. Those who followed ... bent to with all their energies to keep up close to him which led him to quicken his steps.... They had gone across the large field but twice when they threw down their scythes and said, “White, do you mean to kill yourself and us? ... We thought you were a minister and could not know by experience how to handle a scythe, but we give you the credit of being far ahead of us and the best mower we ever saw—and you have taken no beer or liquor this hot day. When you came into the field as a worker, we were mad. We did not want a minister in our company.... We have had to give up.”... 4MR 408.2

My husband thanked them for their compliments but he felt that he had One to thank whom they did not love, trust, or serve—the God of heaven. 4MR 408.3

This day's work proved to him a blessing in more ways than one. It broke down the stiff prejudice that existed against him as a minister; and the severe strain of nerve and muscle he was under while enduring the heat of the noonday sun, ... [caused] the cords in the limb [to become] relaxed, [and] he found himself bringing his wounded foot squarely to the ground. After this he stepped so firmly, no one would imagine he had ever been lame.”—Manuscript 19, 1885, 2, 3. (“European General Council,” September 21, 1885.) 4MR 408.4

Released September 9, 1970.