Manuscript Releases, vol. 4 [Nos. 210-259]


MR No. 244—Sanitariums

The Lord has presented before me very many fields in which we have no sanitariums. Medical institutions are to be established in many places. In every city the gospel of Christ is to be proclaimed. The brethren in charge of the work should now be making arrangements to do the work that must be done in places where nothing has been done. Camp meetings must be held to open the way for our workers. In all our camp meetings earnest efforts should be made to arouse the people. The best ministerial talent must be obtained for these meetings. The third angel's message is to be presented in its fullness, including the testing truths of the Sabbath question. 4MR 376.1

In our camp meetings let the people who are unacquainted with the truth be taught in regard to the revelation that Christ came to the world to give to His servant John on the Isle of Patmos.—Letter 110, 1902, p. 3. (To Dr. David Paulson, July 7, 1902.) 4MR 376.2

The pure, living principles of the gospel are to be respected. God has a people in His church who are laboring just as disinterestedly to save sinners, as the medical missionary workers have been laboring. He calls upon His medical missionary workers to labor unitedly with His church, and not to allow any physician to control their efforts by His authority. The Lord now calls upon His people to unify. Let all our medical missionaries unite with our ministers in soul-saving work.—Letter 220, 1903, p. 9. (To Dr. David Paulson, October 14, 1903.) 4MR 376.3

The only objectionable feature is the ride into Chicago, but as this city is to be worked, this cannot be avoided.... 4MR 377.1

God's word is indeed a light shining amidst the moral darkness. And in our sanitariums, above all other places, the religion of Christ is to be clearly exemplified. This is why I have urged that many small sanitariums be established in places out of the cities, that men and women may hear and understand the word of the Lord, and be brought under a special, direct influence from heaven.—Letter 181, 1904, pp. 1, 3. (To Mrs. Lucinda Hall, May 26, 1904.) 4MR 377.2

The students in our various colleges and training schools are to have wise medical teachers. The students are to be given wise religious instruction. Their teachers are to be men who fear the Lord, men of self-control, whose lives give evidence that they have learned to obey and reverence God.—Letter 279, 1904, p. 5. (To Brethren Paulson, Sadler, Jones, and Waggoner, August 1, 1904.) 4MR 377.3

About a mile and a half from the sanitarium we saw the soldiers’ home where there are located hundreds of veterans and their wives. Special missionary work should be carried forward at this home. Let men who fear the Lord seek to redeem the time, and take up a work that has been neglected for these old people. Christ has purchased their souls with the price of His own blood. For this field there should be selected discreet men and women who will not fail nor be discouraged. And let no one belittle their efforts, for the Lord will be with those who labor with Him in self-denial and self-sacrifice. This work is as important as is the work in the foreign countries.—Letter 124, 1909, pp. 3, 4. (To the laborers in Indiana, August 12, 1909.) 4MR 377.4

The Lord would so educate the minds of all who serve Him that we can reflect the light given us, by cultivating our powers to reflect back glory to the Giver. All our powers are entrusted to us to be used in the accomplishment of the work of saving souls. All the powers of the mind are to be used, through sanctification of the truth, to win souls. In such a work God is glorified.—Letter 6, 1911, p. 1. (To Dr. David Paulson, February 6, 1911.) 4MR 378.1