Manuscript Releases, vol. 4 [Nos. 210-259]


MR No. 211a—Seek for Unity

I have felt pained to see differences appear in the Review and Herald, publishing to the world the want of unity among Seventh-day Adventists. It is essential that we present a united front. The light given me for many years from the Lord has been, Let not conflicting sentiments be published in our church paper.... This is no time for dissension; press together; seek to be a unit.—Letter 16j, 1892, p. 1, 3. (To A. T. Jones, September 2, 1892.) 4MR 37.1

We have had to meet this here in Australia. Souls are in temptation and darkness by reason of it.... “Why,” one asks, “should these two men conduct themselves in this way, and present their dissensions to the world?” Unbelievers have taken advantage of it. Ministers not of our faith are handling the matter, and making all the capital they can out of it. Why, with the Bible in our hands, should we depart so manifestly from its direct precepts? Why should we play into Satan's hands, and give him opportunity to triumph?—Letter 86a, 1893, p. 16. (“To Every Man His Work,” circa January, 1894.) 4MR 37.2

My husband has written out his views, which I believe to be sound. He published them in the Signs even contrary to my feelings, for I did not think it policy to appear so publicly with an opposite view from that of Brother Butler.—Letter 61, 1874, p. 3. (To Elder W. H. Littlejohn, November 11, 1874.) 4MR 37.3

Released July 29, 1968.