Manuscript Releases, vol. 4 [Nos. 210-259]


The Restaurant Work

We must do more than we have done to reach the people of our cities. We are not to erect large buildings in these cities, but over and over again the light has been given that plants should be made in every city of America. We have no time to neglect the doing of this work, which for years has been outlined before us. 4MR 283.1

The Lord has a message for our cities, and this message we are to proclaim in our camp meetings and through our publications. In addition to this, hygienic restaurants are to be established in the cities, and by them the message of temperance is to be proclaimed. Arrangements should be made to hold meetings in connection with our restaurants. Whenever possible, let a room be provided where the patrons can be invited to lectures on the science of health and Christian temperance, where they can receive instruction on the preparation of wholesome food, and on other important subjects. In these meetings there should be prayer and singing and talks on appropriate Bible subjects. As the people are taught how to preserve physical health, many opportunities will be found to sow the seeds of the gospel of the kingdom. 4MR 283.2

The subjects should be presented in such a way as to impress the people favorably. There should be in the meetings nothing of a theatrical nature. The singing should not be done by a few only. All present should be encouraged to join in the song service. There are those who have a special gift of song, and there are times when a special message is borne by one singing alone or by several uniting in song. But the singing is seldom to be done by a few. The ability to sing is a talent of influence, which God desires all to cultivate and use to His name's glory. 4MR 283.3

Those who come to our restaurants should be supplied with reading matter. Leaflets treating on the lessons of Christ should be given them. The burden of supplying this reading matter should be shared by all our people. All who come should be given something to read. It may be that many will leave the tract unread, but one among those in whose hands you place it may be searching for light. He will read and study what you give him, and then, perhaps will pass it on to others. 4MR 284.1

The workers in our restaurants should live in such close connection with God that He can send to them the conviction to talk personally about spiritual things to such and such a one who comes to the restaurant. When self is crucified, and Christ is formed within, the hope of glory, we shall reveal, in thought, word, and deed, the reality of our belief in the truth. The Lord will be with us, and through us the Holy Spirit will work to reach those who are out of Christ. 4MR 284.2

This is the work that God has instructed me should be done by those in our restaurants. I did not suppose that they would have any other policy than to proclaim the message for this time. I can see no other reason for the existence of our restaurants than the proclamation of this message. 4MR 284.3