Manuscript Releases, vol. 5 [Nos. 260-346]


MR No. 296—Statements on Securing Decisions

Wisdom may be gained in a much larger measure than many suppose who have been laboring for years in the cause of God, which no man has yet attained.—Letter 14, 1887, p. 2. (To Brethren Robinson and Boyd, June 18, 1887.) 5MR 156.1

The minister must know the nature of the difficulties in the minds of the people, that he may know how to give every man his portion of meat in due season.—Manuscript 4, 1893, 9. (Untitled, January 10, 1893.) 5MR 156.2

God's ministers are to learn Christ's method of teaching, that they may, as He did, bring fresh flowers full of fragrance from the garden of God's word. Only thus can the need of the soul be supplied.—Manuscript 2, 1883, 2. (“Words to Ministers,” typed April 13, 1899.) 5MR 156.3

There is no need of our making continual blunders in the work of the Lord. Ministers need the guiding philosophy which gives them strength to save souls ready to perish.—Manuscript 3, 1901, 3. (“Notes of Work, #3,” typed January 12, 1901.) 5MR 156.4

Released March 23, 1972.