Manuscript Releases, vol. 5 [Nos. 260-346]


Ellen White's Visit to Norridgewock, Maine

Your uncle and aunt [Mary White Chase] were at the meeting at Norridgewock. They both enjoyed the meeting much. We had an excellent meeting. I spoke four times during the meeting in public. Your father spoke four [times]. We both had freedom in bearing our testimonies. There is an excellent class of people raised up in Norridgewock, and in Athens a new meetinghouse has been built in both these places.—Letter 13, 1867, p. 1. (To William C. White, November 7, 1867.) 5MR 62.2

We are so earnestly engaged in the work and so much to do, our time and strength is all taken up with labor. There are many here [Norridgewock, Maine] that are upon the point of deciding to identify themselves with this people, but have not strength to decide. Many young here need to be converted. Oh, we do feel so earnest, so anxious to see the work of God progress.... I have spoken one hour and a half this afternoon, and am quite weary. Things move slowly here, yet we are not discouraged. We expect to see a good work accomplished in this State.—Letter 14, 1867, pp. 1, 2. (To J. Edson White, November 9, 1867.) 5MR 62.3

I labored all through the meeting at Norridgewock, unable to hold up my head only while standing upon my feet. I had a burden for the people which pressed me to say considerable.—Letter 25, 1868, p. 1. (To Edson and Willie White, December 2, 1868.) 5MR 63.1

Released June 22, 1971.