Manuscript Releases, vol. 5 [Nos. 260-346]


MR No. 345—Ellen G. White Statements About Her Work

I praise the Lord that it is my privilege to have editing my writings those who love God and seem as fully interested in the preparation of the articles as myself. They are all conscientious workers. My son, W. C. White, is a very necessary help to take this business and work it out. Miss Marian Davis has been with me twenty-five years and is an efficient worker. From the articles already published over a period of years she selects and brings together the matter for bookmaking.—Manuscript 171, 1903. (Diary, January 3 to 31, 1903.) 5MR 453.1

My heart is drawn out to write upon Ephesians 3. I read this over and over and how very precious are these words.—Manuscript 222, 1902. (Diary, August to September, 1902.) 5MR 453.2

I pray much in the night season, when the condition of the churches burdens me so that I cannot sleep. On one or two nights I walked the floor, unable to sleep until three o'clock in the morning. I tell you plainly that I do not like this wakefulness. I am trying to educate myself to sleep, and the Lord is helping me. For the last few nights, I have slept until three o'clock. But when I think of the peril of souls and of the state of our churches, I am so deeply moved and so burdened that I cannot sleep.—Letter 68, 1902. (To Brother and Sister D. H. Kress, April 28, 1902.) 5MR 453.3

Released October 31, 1973.