Manuscript Releases, vol. 5 [Nos. 260-346]


MR No. 339—School Industries

I told the brethren that on no account were the industries that have been started at Healdsburg College to be discontinued. It is of the utmost importance that industrial lines of work shall be carried forward in our schools. The students will find that in genuine muscular exercise there is a great blessing. Let teachers and students be of good courage. Let them put energy into their work. And if at times they make an apparent failure, let them try again. 5MR 438.1

Let them learn how to gain control of self, how to work together in love and harmony, how to conquer difficulties. Let them strive for sweetness of temper. This is a grace that the Lord Jesus will highly commend. If they learn these lessons, they will have gained a grand victory.—Letter 136, 1903, p. 3. (To W. C. White, July 8, 1903.) 5MR 438.2

Released August 20, 1973.