Manuscript Releases, vol. 5 [Nos. 260-346]


Training or Education of Ministers and Bible Teachers

Training Essential—A proposition was made that Brethren Hare and Hickox begin tent work at once in East Maitland. But light was given me Tuesday night that this would be a premature movement.... They all need to learn how to speak, what subjects to handle and how to present the truth in such a clear, connected, simple manner that old and young will see its consistency. No haphazard work is to be done; for this would greatly dishonor God.... 5MR 357.3

To learn how to open the Scriptures to others in an acceptable manner means close application and hard study. This is necessary in order to give a connected discourse in a clear, forcible way, making all the important points stand out so clear as not to be misunderstood.—Letter 185, 1899, p. 2. (To Brother and Sister J. J. Wessels, November 15, 1899.) 5MR 357.4

Link Inexperience With Experienced—We are failing in another direction, and that is that men who can work should be linked in their labors with those who are inexperienced, that they may get an experience in the right direction.—Manuscript 19b, 1890, p. 3. (Talk before the General Conference Committee, July 14, 1890.) 5MR 358.1