Manuscript Releases, vol. 5 [Nos. 260-346]


MR No. 331—Unpublished Materials Selected for Spirit of Prophecy Workshop Seminar Papers

Principles of Soul Winning

Repeat and Repeat the Message—Where there are missions established gather everything possible surrounding them. Make effort after effort and not stop with one course of lectures; the second is needed far more than the first, and will establish points.... 5MR 328.1

If those who knew the truth and were established in it were indeed in need of having its importance kept ever before them and their minds stirred up by the repetition of it, how important that this work is not neglected for those newly come to the faith. Everything in the interpretation of the Scripture is new and strange to them, and they will be in danger of losing the force of the truth and of receiving ideas not correct. In many efforts that have been made the work has been left incomplete. One man alone should not commence this work or finish it, for one man becomes too weary to follow up the pulpit effort and teach and minister, but two should be connected in this effort. And if their manner of labor is not the same this will be all the better, for then one man's mold and ideas will not have too great power upon the minds of those for whom they labor. 5MR 328.2

When the arguments for present truth are presented for the first time, it is difficult to fasten the points upon the mind. And although some may see sufficiently to decide, yet for all this there is need of going all over the very same ground again, and giving another course of lectures. New ones will be added to the hearers, and the second series of discourses fastens upon the mind, and by Bible readings and a more definite explanation of the truth more souls will be gathered and established there that have taken their stand upon present truth. This is the only work that should be accepted as giving “full proof of thy ministry.”—Letter 60, 1886, pp. 2-4. (To John and Julia Corliss, December 25, 1886.) 5MR 328.3

When Shall We Baptize? The test of discipleship is not brought to bear as closely as it should be upon those who present themselves for baptism. It should be understood whether those who profess to be converted are simply taking the name of Seventh-day Adventist, or whether they are taking their stand on the Lord's side, to come out of the world and be separate and touch not the unclean thing. When they give evidence that they fully understand their position, they are to be accepted. But when they show that they are following the customs and fashions and sentiments of the world, they are to be faithfully dealt with. If they feel no burden to change their course of action, they should not be accepted as members of the church. The Lord wants those who compose His church to be true, faithful stewards of the grace of Christ. 5MR 329.1

The sin of these last days is upon the professed people of God. Through selfishness, love of pleasure, and love of dress, they deny the Christ that their church membership says that they follow. I thank God that Jesus Christ knows every impulse in the heart of the believer. Many profess to be children of God, who do not follow Christ. Their frivolity, their cheap conversation, their want of high-toned piety, their low aims, mislead others, who would pursue a different course were it not for the example of these deceptive characters, who do not love Christ or do His will, but simply follow their own imaginations. 5MR 329.2

Jesus is acquainted with every heart that is humble, meek, and lowly. These have trials, and make mistakes, but they are brokenhearted because they grieve the Saviour, who loved them and died for them. They come humbly to His feet; they fight His battles. In meekness and lowliness of heart, they seek to do good to others. They seek to advance the cause of truth in good and earnest endeavor. 5MR 330.1

The Lord Jesus loves those for whom He has given His life, and when worldly influences are allowed to come in between them and their Helper, when idols are chosen before Christ, when His appeals to the human soul are regarded with indifference, and there is no response, Jesus is grieved.... Those who will be the most highly honored are those who take up their cross daily, and follow Christ.—Manuscript 7, 1898, pp. 10, 11. (“True Education in Our Churches,” undated.) 5MR 330.2

Indwelling of Jesus the Secret—Every one who in living faith follows Jesus, with an eye single to His glory, will see of the salvation of God just as surely as these discouraged, despondent fishermen saw their boats filled by the miraculous draught. It was because Christ was in the ship, that they were successful in their efforts to catch fish. The indwelling presence of the Saviour is equally necessary in the work of winning souls.—Manuscript 67, 1903, p. 2. (“Fishers of Men,” July 5, 1903.) 5MR 330.3