Manuscript Releases, vol. 5 [Nos. 260-346]

MR No. 327—The Church and Its Mission—Continued

The third angel's message is most solemn, fearful, and important. To us God has entrusted it, and we are accountable for the way we handle this sacred testing truth. If our defects of character betray us into sins which repulse souls and turn them from the truth, their blood will be upon our garments.—Letter 1, 1873, p. 10. (To Brother and Sister Canright, November 12, 1873.) 5MR 313.1

God would have Brother Smith visit foreign countries as His missionary if he would do the work of God thoroughly and faithfully.—Letter 10, 1873, p. 8. (To Brother Smith, May 14, 1873.) 5MR 313.2

I ask you to consider, Have we indeed the last message of mercy to be given to the world? If we have the truth, we have a great and important work before us. We should keep a close connection with God, for it is through His power alone we can reach hearts and minds with a truth which requires self-denial and the lifting of the cross to obey it. The work must go to regions beyond. The world is to be warned, the message of truth must be heard and will be heeded by some, and be to them a savor of life unto life, while to others it is a savor of death unto death. 5MR 313.3

Noah fulfilled the will of God in bearing God's message to an impenitent, pleasure-loving, corrupt people—the inhabitants of the Noachic world. Only eight of that vast population accepted the warning, fled for refuge into the ark, and were saved. The message of Noah condemned the world. God will have men who will give the message of warning in this age of the world. All will have sufficient light to accept the saving truth, obey God's requirements in keeping all His commandments, and be saved. Jesus, the Saviour of the world, declares that same unbelief will exist prior to the coming of Christ as prevailed before the Flood. But the fact that moral darkness covers the earth and gross darkness the people shall not change our course of duty in lifting up our voice in warnings, showing the people professing to be the children of God their transgressions, and the house of Jacob their sins. 5MR 313.4

We are bearing the mighty, the most solemn, testing message ever given to the world. I have a part to act in this, and my brethren have a part to act in it. To every man God has given his work, according to their several ability. 5MR 314.1

Children, let your light shine forth to others. If you live only for yourselves, the heavenly benediction of “Well done” will not be yours. We must not live for self, but to be a blessing to others. The heart unrefreshed with the dew and rain of heaven becomes distrustful, discontented. Both God's mercies and judgments are alike misinterpreted and unimproved. There is not a walking in the light. He that walketh in darkness knoweth not whither he goeth. He forgets that he is a steward of the grace of Christ. If we as a people have the truth, as we believe without a doubt we have, there is no time to be lost. We must work to get the message of warning before all we possibly can. Ministers have a work to do. Laymen cannot meet the accountability and be idle.... 5MR 314.2

This is the work of God. We take hold of it in the name of the Lord. He will give us strength. By faith we claim His power to help us. We feel that we cannot rest until we see the work moving forward more surely, earnestly, and upon a more elevated, broader platform than it has hitherto done on this coast. We have our preferences where we would love to be and love to work, but these must not come in to control us. God has a perfect right to us, to ours, a right to say go or come, do this or that, and we as His agents must do His will freely, not our own will. Our means, our children, ourselves are all His. He is our Creator. If we can only honor God, how grateful we should be. We must save souls to Jesus Christ. If God blesses and honors our plans, we shall see souls saved as the result.—Letter 19b, 1874, pp. 3-5. (To Edson and Emma White, April 27, 1874.) 5MR 315.1

Time is short, and what is done must be done quickly. This is a world-wide message and we have not time to rest upon our lees. We must awake to action and duty. Is the world to be tested upon this message? It is then a worldwide message, and is not to be confined to a corner. It must be agitated, agitated. The work does not depend alone upon the ministers. The church—the lay members—must feel their individual responsibility and be working members.—Letter 25, 1874, p. 3. (To Brother and Sister Smith, May 6, 1874.) 5MR 315.2

Brethren Cornell and Canright seem to think that if they give out notices to a full tent night after night it is enough, but my husband will not let it go so. There is so much to divert and distract the attention. Every day papers are to be scattered. Your father has a paper to be scattered daily with a full notice of meetings and some parts of our faith. Thus efforts must not be made for naught. We must act like men and women of faith, as though we were alive.—Letter 27, 1874, p. 4. (To W. C. White, May 15, 1874.) 5MR 315.3

Released May, 1973.