Manuscript Releases, vol. 5 [Nos. 260-346]


MR No. 323—A Balance in Book Distribution

I cannot see why the health books should not have a permanent place as well as the other publications, notwithstanding human prejudices to the contrary. But I have not, as I have told you, carried any special burden of this work for a few years. My mind has been so fully occupied with the burden upon me of getting before the people the light having special reference to these last days and the great crisis before us. The world is to be warned, and I have felt so deeply over volume 4 [The Great Controversy, enlarged 1888 edition] standing still as it has done, that all other consideration of books for which I was not personally responsible has not been a burden or consideration. I have now fully decided to do something and do it at once. I must put in operation or devise some plan that the people, believers and unbelievers, shall have the light.... 5MR 288.1

I do not demerit Bible Readings. It is a book which will do a great amount of good, but it can never take the place that the Lord designed that volume 4 should have in the world and among our people. I have spread before them the light given me of Heaven in that book. In conversation with Frank [Belden] he was constantly referring to Thoughts on Daniel and Revelation—that no more had been done for that than for volume 4. I consider that that book should go everywhere. 5MR 288.2

If Thoughts on Daniel and Revelation does not receive the sale it should, if Bible Readings is carried to the neglect of other publications highly essential for the people to have, that neglect will not excuse the matter of why volume 4 should not be pushed and its circulation be tenfold what it has been the present year. It is a duty we owe to our people and to God to send every ray of light given me of God, demanded for this time, to every tongue and nation.—Letter 25a, 1889, pp. 3, 4. (To Brother Eldridge, September 8, 1889.) 5MR 288.3

Released May 9, 1973.