Ms 195, 1898


Ms 195, 1898

The Week of Prayer in Australia


June 1898

This manuscript is published in entirety in RH 09/27/1898.

In all our Australian churches the nine days from May 28 to June 5 were set apart as a special season of self-examination, prayer and thanksgiving. Ms195-1898.1

Appropriate readings were published and sent out to the officers of the churches, and to isolated families of Sabbath-keepers. In these readings the perils and duties of the present time were clearly set before our people, with fervent exhortations to purity of life, godliness, and consecration. Ms195-1898.2

A review of the special blessings of the year showed clearly that the Lord has had a constant care for His people, and is ever working in their behalf. As individuals, as families, [and] as churches we have felt His loving care; and in the growth of our conferences and the development of our institutions we see material advancement. During the year churches and companies of Sabbath-keepers have been raised up in several places, and two commodious meetinghouses built, one in Cooranbong and one in Stanmore. Ms195-1898.3

One year ago there were about fifty students attending the school. During May of this year, one hundred were in attendance. Last year at this time the health home was struggling to win back the patronage it had lost through the interruption of its work on account of the sale of the building it occupied, which necessitated moving; now it is full to overflowing with patients, and earning something with which to make up the losses of last year. The Echo Publishing Company has erected a large and convenient building, which will double its capacity for work; and the New Zealand Tract Society has just erected a commodious building, in a good location in Wellington, which furnishes abundance of room for the book depository, and provides a good meeting hall for the Wellington church. Ms195-1898.4

And right here I wish to express my thanks, and the hearty thanks of my brethren in these colonies, to our brethren and friends in America and Africa, who have responded so heartily to our appeals for assistance to build meetinghouses in the important centers in these colonies; and whose timely aid has enabled us to build plain but commodious meetinghouses in Melbourne, Sydney, Ashfield, Wellington, Hobart, Epsom, Christchurch, and Cooranbong. Great care has been exercised in the use of the funds given for this work, and in no case have the appropriations been made until the brethren in the locality where the house was needed have lifted to the extent of their ability. It would hardly have been possible in any of these places for our people, unaided, to build suitable places of worship. Ms195-1898.5