Manuscript Releases, vol. 15 [Nos. 1136-1185]


Critical Spirit to Be Overcome

The Holy Spirit will come to the believing, praying soul who is meek and lowly. This Spirit must come to every child of God. The spirit of accusing, of envy and evil-surmising, is inspired by Satan. Those who take part in the work here, should not stand as independent atoms, but as a solid wall, which the Lord makes firm and immovable. 15MR 165.1

Satan is playing the game of life for the souls of men. Will those who claim to be Christians work with him to weaken the forces of [God's] army and to strengthen the forces of the enemy? Every worker is now to be wide awake, but he is not to train his imagination to see defects in others and designs and mischief against themselves. They are not to use their capabilities to tear down the influence of those whom God has chosen to do his work. Keep quiet. Let the precious talent of speech be used to win minds to God. Silence is eloquence unless in patience, kindness, and tenderness you can speak to win souls to Christ's side. Separate from the tempter, and cling to the Lord.... Unity is the element so much needed in the work of God. This drawing apart, this scolding and fretting, this pettish spirit of fault-finding, might better be cut away; for it is a root of bitterness springing up, whereby many are defiled. He who is imbued with the love of God will be at unity with his fellow workers. 15MR 165.2

Unity of thought, unity of prayer, unity of action, is essential. When this unity is manifested, the heavenly intelligences will observe the earnestness of our prayers, and our love for one another in the Holy Spirit. It is necessary at times to hold church meetings, when the obstinate persistence of a brother must be brought before the church for decision. But of what value is the decision of men who are full of suspicion, jealousy, and evil-surmising. Who can put reliance upon the decisions arrived at in board meetings where such a spirit controls the members? ... 15MR 165.3

God calls upon his people to be converted, to become humble as a little child, that they may have childlike faith. Those who have grown hard and cold and unimpressionable, may have the form of godliness but they have lost the virtue that keeps the mind humble. “Blessed are the poor in the spirit; for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” Remove from the heart that criticizing spirit. God hates it. Those who yield to this spirit have given themselves up to do Satan's work, and he stands by exulting.—Manuscript 165, 1898, pp. 6-9. (Written December 13, 1898, “Unity a Test of Discipleship.”) 15MR 166.1