Manuscript Releases, vol. 11 [Nos. 851-920]


MR No. 855—Included in Manuscript Release No. 994

MR No. 856—Counsels to Edson White

You shall have all the means necessary for your tuition. But Edson, I hope you will not ... let money, which is so important an item, slip through your hands without due and deliberate consideration. Live as plainly as we have taught and do not on any account become loose in regard to the principles of health reform. I need not tell you, Edson, that I have a thousand fears in regard to you.... Willie has been a great help to me. He is good and true, the best boy I ever knew.—Letter 4, 1866, pp. 1, 3. (To J. E. White, September 22, 1866.) 11MR 28.1

I would say to you and your company [J. E. White and his helpers], as you go to your field of labor, go in the name of Jesus of Nazareth.—Letter 80, 1894, p. 7. (To J. E. White, November 6, 1894.) 11MR 28.2

White Estate

Washington, D. C.,

May 19, 1981.