Manuscript Releases, vol. 11 [Nos. 851-920]


MR No. 893—Christ Our Example in Soul-Winning

No teacher ever placed such signal honor upon man as did our Lord Jesus Christ. He was known as “the friend of publicans and sinners.” He mingled with all classes and sowed the world with truth. In the market place and in the synagogue He proclaimed His message. He relieved every species of suffering, both physical and spiritual. Beside all waters He sowed the seeds of truth. His one desire was that all might have spiritual and physical soundness. He was the friend of every human being. Was He not pledged to bring life and light to all who would receive Him? Was He not pledged to give them power to become the Sons of God? He gave Himself wholly and entirely to the work of soul saving. 11MR 219.1

Selfishness He sternly rebuked, sparing not even His disciples. “All ye are brethren,” He would say to anyone seeking the highest place. Those who were unjust and unfair in their dealings writhed under His parables. He shielded no one, however high his position, who had been guilty of hypocrisy or fraud. 11MR 219.2

To save a fallen race, Christ gave Himself to a death of shame and humiliation. Since human beings are of such value, let us take heed how we speak of one another. Those who would enjoy the approbation of the great Head of the church must treat their fellow beings as Christ would treat them were He in their place. In their dealings with one another they must reveal the love that Christ revealed for them when they were at enmity with God. The command is upon every soul who receives Christ to show to the world that Christ has given them power to become the sons of God, power to love one another as He has loved them.... [The material included in manuscript release #290 appears at this point.] 11MR 219.3

It is faith and prayer that cast out evil spirits. We may ask Christ with full assurance of faith for enlarged capacity for service, for increased power to help souls. But let us remember constantly that it is through the Holy Spirit that we receive power and efficiency. 11MR 220.1

He who makes advancement in the school of Christ in this lower life will at last pass through the pearly gates of the city of God, to enter the higher school, there to receive instruction from the divine Teacher.—Manuscript 82, 1903. (Diary, “The Promise of the Spirit,” September 25, 1902.) 11MR 220.2

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Washington, D. C.,

November 12, 1981.