Manuscript Releases, vol. 8 [Nos. 526-663]


Traveling in a Rowboat

Brother Hansen took us in a rowboat to the king's [of Norway] summer palace on this island [or peninsula where the Hansens lived]. There are buildings in which the family of the king spend some time in summer. They overlook the lake, and it is a very beautiful location for its fine scenery. These grounds are kept in order, no one living in the tall mansion, but one has charge of the buildings. Here are treasured antiquities of kings. Many things are curious and ancient. There was a museum of old costumes of the kings. There were the bridal dresses of the queens—heavy, white satin, trimmed with silver and gold. The trail was several yards long, and in walking an attendant followed the queen, holding up the long trail of her dress. My mind was active while looking upon these things. I was considering that those who love God and keep His commandments are members of the royal family and they shall be kings and priests unto God. Those who have the precious white robes of Christ's righteousness will have a wondrous garment purchased for them by the blood of Christ. 8MR 122.1

Not far from this palace is a church hundreds of years old. It is in a retired spot in the borders of a grove of forest trees. It overlooks the lake, and it is a very beautiful location. These grounds are kept in order.—Manuscript 58, 1886, 1. (“Visit to the Hansen Home,” July, 1886.) 8MR 123.1