Manuscript Releases, vol. 8 [Nos. 526-663]


MR No. 604—In Manuscript Release No. 760

MR No. 605—Work for Various Classes

In the work for the lower class, the strongest precautions should be observed. There are many who should not go into the large cities to work for the most depraved. There is a work to be done not after the order of the work which has been done. Medical missionary work will become diseased if left to run to such lengths as it has been carried on in some places. 8MR 302.1

And work for the outcasts is not the only work that is to be done. It is not the Lord's will that the greatest amount of labor shall be put forth for those who all their lives have been abusing their physical, mental, and moral powers till they have injured themselves almost beyond recovery. They have been piling upon the foundation wood, hay, and stubble, which will all be consumed, and if they themselves are saved, it will be as by fire. 8MR 302.2

In many places too little work is being done for a class that the work of God needs, who will stand right royally for the truth. The Lord will not approve of passing carelessly over His vineyard, leaving unharvested the most promising crops. There are fields all ripe for the harvest. Camp meetings are to be held in different localities. In this way people are to be reached who will give influence to the work for this time.—Manuscript 17, 1901, 7. (“Testimony to the Battle Creek Church,” February 26, 1901.) 8MR 302.3

Released March 17, 1978.