Manuscript Releases, vol. 8 [Nos. 526-663]


MR No. 583—Not Processed

MR No. 584—In Manuscript Release No. 924

MR No. 585—Inherited and Cultivated Tendencies to Sin

The Lord said to Joshua, “Neither will I be with you any more, except ye destroy the accursed from among you.” (Joshua 7:12.) The defects of character in any member of the church, or in the minister, are charged to the church, if the church make light of the defects. If you place Elder _____ over the church as a minister, you, as a church, assume his defects, you make them your own, and the whole church stands under the rebuke of God, even as ancient Israel was under His rebuke on account of the sin of Achan. But your case will be more grievous than theirs, because you knew the evil, yet hid your eyes from it, and walked contrary to the will of God.—Manuscript 1a, 1890, pp. 4, 5. (“A Consecrated Ministry,” February 13, 1890.) 8MR 208.1

Your case was opened before me in _____, as you well know. I saw you were in danger from your hereditary tendencies, and your habits of life. You are of that nature that you should fear to follow your strong and sometimes fierce impulses. The more experience you gain in spiritual things, the more deeply you will realize your own weakness, and feel your need of clinging close to the Lord as your counselor. 8MR 208.2

One of the deplorable effects of the original apostasy was the loss of man's power to govern his own heart. When there is a separation from the Source of your strength, when you are lifted up in pride, you cannot but transgress the law of your moral constitution.—Letter 10, 1888, pp. 1, 2. (To E. P. Daniels, April, 1888.) 8MR 208.3

The children have inherited an appetite for wine and stimulating drinks and if there is a yielding to the tempter, moral power is gone.... 8MR 209.1

The children were pointed to the mother who had led a terrible life through the father's habits of strong drink. The children when solicited by temptation have less moral power than had the father. For this reason, their only safety is entire, total abstinence. The words were spoken, “Warn the mother to stand in firm independence, to warn and command her children.” She needs the help of her elder children. She has reason to thank the Lord that so many are not [alive], that they did not live to testify, by physical and mental degeneracy, the sins of the father. The deficiencies of intellect must have been felt as is seen in _____ and still another young man that is not. The jewel of the mind was dimmed. God has mercifully spared the greatest sorrows.... 8MR 209.2

The Lord has mercifully spared the mother the greater sorrow, which would have been a living sorrow, had her little ones lived. The mother must educate herself to look with reconciliation upon her present sorrows. It is well with those that are not [living]. She will, if faithful, meet them again in the morning of the resurrection. The Lord has mercifully softened the affliction ever before her eyes, of the birthright given to her son who is deficient in reason through the besotted father. 8MR 209.3

A and B will always be children, and will be restored by the power of the great restorer, when mortals shall have put on immortality. All their sad marks are obliterated. These marks are now a beacon of warning, repeating the history of what intemperance will do. He [the angel] turned to the eldest and said, “Upon you rests a mighty responsibility to cooperate with heavenly intelligences and your mother, to counteract, as far as [lies] in your power, the traces left upon the family. God has given you precious intellect. You have advantage in every respect over A; but if you practice a life of disobedience and transgression, you will lose the future immortal life which will be given to A and B. Your light will go out in darkness, unless you are loyal and true to serve the Lord Jesus. Why are you not as is A, never able to increase in knowledge, never able to expand the intellect? It was no sin of his own that has left him a child in reason, always a child. This should be contemplated by you, and you should make very effort to reach a higher standard than you have yet done.... 8MR 209.4

In regard to the case of A, you see him as he now is and deplore his simplicity. He is without the consciousness of sin. The grace of God will remove all this hereditary, transmitted imbecility, and he will have an inheritance among the saints in light. To you the Lord has given reason. A is a child as far as the capacity of reason is concerned; but he has the submission and obedience of a child. You are a responsible member of the family. You have been redeemed by the blood of the only begotten Son of God. He gave His life for you. He bore the penalty of sin and transgression for every son and daughter of Adam that they should not perish if they believe in Him, but have everlasting life.—Letter 1, 1893, pp. 5-9. (To Sister Brown, August 4, 1893. 8MR 210.1

We are not to seek to extenuate the consequences of the original apostasy. It is not possible to overstate the degree of alienation from truth and righteousness entered into by those whose souls revolt from God. Satan will present everything possible in a perverted light, to make of no effect the warnings that should be heeded by the people of God.—Manuscript 60, 1905, 3. (“A Message of Warning,” May 21, 1905.) 8MR 210.2

Released December 6, 1977.