Manuscript Releases, vol. 8 [Nos. 526-663]


MR No. 571—In Manuscript Release No. 582

MR No. 572—In Manuscript Release Nos. 1141 and 1226

MR No. 573—The Washington, D.C. Institutions

I have been all over the land which the brethren have bought here in Takoma Park.—Letter 141, 1904. (To J.E. White, April 27, 1904.) 8MR 165.1

I have been over the land that has been purchased in Takoma Park, for school and sanitarium purposes. This land is only a short distance from our house. It is very favorably located.... God's hand has been in the purchase of this land. It is in every way adapted for the purpose for which it will be used.—Letter 143, 1904. (To Marian Davis, April 27, 1904.) 8MR 165.2

We came East to spend some time in counsel with those in charge of the work here in regard to the buildings now in process of erection.—Letter 359, 1904. (To Mary Foss, August 10, 1904.) 8MR 165.3

We went out to view the land purchased for sanitarium and college site. The stream of pure water running through the whole length of our purchased land is clear as crystal and grateful to the taste. I am in no wise disappointed.... Here, then, was the favorable location for our buildings, near the settlements of people who have made their homes in the country.—Manuscript 141, 1904. (Diary, April 24, 1904.) 8MR 165.4

The instruction is still being given, Move out of the cities. Establish your sanitariums, your schools, and your offices away from the centers of populations. Many now will plead to remain in the cities, but the time will come ere long when all who wish to avoid the sights and sounds of evil will move into the country; for wickedness and corruption will increase to such a degree that the very atmosphere of the cities will seem to be polluted.—Letter 26, 1907. (To W. D. Salisbury, February 5, 1907.) 8MR 165.5

Released September 26, 1977.