Manuscript Releases, vol. 8 [Nos. 526-663]


MR No. 652—The Inspiration of Ellen White

Physically, I have always been as a broken vessel; and yet in my old age the Lord continues to move upon me by His Holy Spirit to write the most important books that have ever come before the churches and the world. The Lord is evidencing what He can do through weak vessels. The life that He spares I will use to His glory. And, when He may see fit to let me rest, His messages shall be of even more vital force than when the frail instrumentality through whom they were delivered, was living.—Manuscript 122, 1903. (“The Time of the End,” October 9, 1903). 8MR 428.1

That which is holy and elevated in heavenly things, I scarcely dare represent. Often I lay down my pen and say, Impossible, impossible for finite minds to grasp eternal truths, and deep holy principles, and to express their living import. I stand ignorant and helpless. The rich current of thought takes possession of my whole being, and I lay down my pen, and say, Oh Lord, I am finite, I am weak, and simple and ignorant; thy grand and holy revelations I can never find language to express.—Manuscript 23, 1896. (“Illustrations of Heavenly Things,” June 6, 1896.) 8MR 428.2

I must not write more now, although there is much that I shall write when I know that the time has fully come.—Letter 124, 1902. (To J. E. White, June 12, 1902.) 8MR 428.3

Released October 26, 1978.