Manuscript Releases, vol. 8 [Nos. 526-663]


MR No. 644—The Example Children Follow

In the family the spirit of criticizing and faultfinding should have no place. The peace of the home is too sacred to be marred by this spirit. But how often, when seated at the meal table, the members of the family pass around a dish of criticism, faultfinding, and scandal. 8MR 410.1

Should Christ come today, would He not find many of the families who profess to be Christians cherishing the spirit of criticism and unkindness? The members of such families are unready to unite with the family above. I am instructed to say to them, “Prepare to meet thy God.” Discord in families leads to discord in the church. The unruly tongue creates mischief of all kinds.... 8MR 410.2

In the home circle, generous, gracious, Christlike words are of more value than any earthly treasure. Remember that your children will follow closely the example that in word and deed you set them. Live lives that will help them to prepare for translation into the courts above, when the last trump shall sound, and Christ shall come to gather His faithful ones to Himself.—Letter 272, 1903. (To “Dear Brethren and Sisters Gathered in Council at Nashville,” December 20, 1903.) 8MR 410.3

Released August 17, 1978.