Manuscript Releases, vol. 8 [Nos. 526-663]


MR No. 627—Workers to Be Located Where Their Light Can Shine in Population Centers

Strong men should be set to work in Oakland. Men and women of experience should be brought in as educators, and workers should be trained, that the work may be carried forward in strong, even lines. Let no one seek to discourage a fellow worker. There should be ten in the field where now there is one. Such instruction as has been given by Brother and Sister [S. N.] Haskell in Southern California should be given in many places.... 8MR 353.1

Let some of our workers be located where they can be a light in the centers of population and influence, and let the lines of missionary work be multiplied. The Lord does not desire a large number of workers in various lines to be gathered into any one place.—Manuscript 67, 1906, 1, 3. (“The Work in Oakland,” August 6, 1906.) 8MR 353.2

Released June 21, 1978