Manuscript Releases, vol. 8 [Nos. 526-663]


MR No. 602—True Education

The end of all true education is expressed in the words of Christ: “This is life eternal, that they might know Thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom Thou hast sent.” (John 17:3.)—(Manuscript 40, 1895, p. 4 (“Education,” January 9, 1895.) 8MR 296.1

The feeding upon the divine Word of God is the divine element which the soul needs in order to secure a healthy development of all its spiritual powers. In all our schools this word is to be made the essence of education; it is this that will give sanctified strength, wisdom, integrity, and moral power, if it is brought into the experience. It is not the words of worldly wisdom, it is not the maxims of men, not the theory of human beings, but it is the Word of God.—Manuscript 41a, 1896, p. 11. (“To Be Read At Campmeeting,” December 29, 1896.) 8MR 296.2

True education is the preparation of the mental, moral, and physical powers for the performance of every duty, pleasant or otherwise, the training of every habit and practice, of heart, mind, and soul for divine service. Then of you it can be said in the heavenly courts, “Ye are laborers together with God.” (See 1 Corinthians 3:9.)—Letter 189, 1899, p. 6. (To Brother and Sister Lacey, November 19, 1899.) 8MR 296.3

The Lord requires every person who shall take up responsibility to carry into work intelligent, trained capabilities, and work out his ideas conscientiously according to his previous knowledge and service in schools. The Lord has not designed any one, special, exact plan in education. It is the fear of the Lord that is the beginning of wisdom. When men with their varied traits of character shall take up their appointed work as teachers and follow a plan of teaching according to their own capabilities, they are not to suppose they must be a facsimile of those teachers who served before them, lest they spoil their own record.—Manuscript 170, 1901, 2, 3. (“Individuality in Education,” May 13, 1901.) 8MR 296.4

The practice of telling others about Christ, of reading and explaining His Word, will stamp that word on the mind, and will make the truth their own.... 8MR 297.1

As religious teachers, we are under obligation to God to teach the students how to engage in medical missionary work.—Manuscript 70, 1898, 3, 5. (“The Need of Missionary Effort,” June 13, 1898.) 8MR 297.2

Released March 17, 1978.