Spalding and Magan Collection


Work for Every Member of the Family

(Extract from The Northern Union Reaper, December 29, 1908.)

We need to branch out more in our methods of labor; not a hand should be bound; not a soul discouraged; not a voice should be hushed; let every individual labor privately or publicly to help forward the work. Place the burden upon men and women of the church that they may grow by reason of exercise, and thus become efficient agencies in the hand of the Lord for the enlightenment of those who sit in darkness. SpM 438.1

There has been so much preaching to our churches that they have almost ceased to appreciate the gospel ministry. The time has come when this order of things should be changed. Let the minister call out the individual church members to help him by house-to-house work, to carry the truth into regions beyond. SpM 438.2

Mrs. E. G. White.