Spalding and Magan Collection


Proposed Plan for Book, “Education”

St. Helena, Cal.,

October 14, 1903.

Elder Prescott and Daniells:

My dear Brethren,

I wish to say a few words to you in regard to the proposed special effort to sell a large number of copies of my new book, “Education”. I do not know much about the arrangements that are proposed. One thing I do know: I desire to get out of debt, if it be possible for me to do so, without diverting means that would otherwise be used in some branch of the cause. If the circulation of this book could be wisely managed in such a way that the income from it would relieve me of the burden of debt, I should regard the effort made by our people to accomplish this, as a great favor. SpM 330.2

With reference to “Christ's Object Lessons”, I wish to tell you that I have not appropriated to myself one penny of the income derived from the sale of this book. The office in Oakland has furnished me with a few copies without cost; and these I have given away to the poor and to others who were glad to receive and read them. But I have not used many “Object Lessons” even in this way. SpM 330.3

I desire to place my book affairs in the hands of W. C. White, J. E. White, and one other person to represent the General Conference, who shall work together, and share the responsibility of making appropriations from the means that the sale of my books shall bring in. I hope, also, to be able to do something soon to help the sanitarium. SpM 330.4

Taking into consideration my age and labors, I am enjoying excellent health. For this I praise the Lord; because I wish to complete several more books. SpM 330.5

The proposed plan to sell the book “Education”, so as to lift my debts, did not originate with me. But I thank the Lord for the consideration manifested in this proposal. When these plans were devised, I was very busily engaged in writing out important instructions; and I am still busy. SpM 330.6

When I have time, I must write to you about the publishing work at College View. I approve of an effort to have our German and Scandinavian publishing work located there. I hope you will devise plans for the encouragement of this work. SpM 330.7

The whole burden of this work must not be left with our foreign brethren. Nor should our brethren throughout the field leave too heavy a load on the Conferences near College View. The members of these conferences should lead out and do their best, and all should come to their assistance. SpM 331.1

Again: I hope that Brethren Magan and Sutherland can be relieved of the strain under which they have been laboring. I trust that you will study what I have written concerning their work. I very much desire that Emmanuel Missionary College shall become what it should be. I hope that the teachers and students there will be provided with comfortable quarters in which to pass the winter. I wish I had more means; for I should be so glad to help our brethren at Berrien Springs in this their time of need. But I have barely enough with which to live and to pay my workers. The Lord knows all about this matter, and he will help us. I am not distrustful, but am full of faith and hope and courage. I present these matters before you, and leave them with you. I pray that you may be guided by the Lord. SpM 331.2

Ellen G. White.